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Coming Spring 2014: Silent Courage

My Chronic Pain Recovery MemoirSilentCourage


MaryByrneEigelAs a result of being born with bi-lateral hip dysplasia, I’ve single-handily and silently endured this condition and chronic pain for my whole life.

My understanding about what it’s like to navigate these waters has inspired me to write Silent Courage and share what I have learned on my journey.

Silent Courage will be available very soon on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Kindle, and other e-readers. To complement my book, I have designed creative workshops, classes, and a variety of events regarding pain and wellness. Let’s plan something together. Contact me for more information and availability.

Photo credit: Tony Carosella


As a watercolor artist, I created my book’s cover. The painting is available to purchase as a print in My Artwork. A portion of the sales will go to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute to fund research and provide education.

Silent Courage3_sm


The September issue of the American Chronic Pain Association’s Chronicle featured me in an article.

ACPA Article

Photo by: Michelle Murdock Poat

I have been a long-time fan of this publication, and it’s exciting to now grace their pages. Check out page 6  for the story on how I, along with a few creative and courageous others, use art to manage our chronic pain.

All Content: © 2014 Mary Byrne Eigel

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  1. Great story! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

  2. thanks for being public! the more of us who tell our stories, the closer we get to being really, truly heard – and making a difference for the chronicbabes who come after us. hugs!

  3. Mary Byrne Eigel

    Jeni, Thanks for your encouraging words. The whole process of telling my story,which was shrouded in secrecy, has been an amazing healing journey for myself and perhaps a have some value for others. Blessings. Mary

  4. Thank you for sharing! It is such an encouragement to others who are in chronic pain to know that we are not alone as we face these battles.

  5. Amen! No one should have to navigate these brutal waters alone. You have a great website! Kudos for you for finding the ways you have been able to gift others because of your pain journey. Mary

  6. Hi class mate, nice blog will check it often. Al Blount

  7. Mary Byrne Eigel

    Thanks Al. Good things coming.

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